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Bakers Basco is alerting local councils and environmental agencies across the UK in a new government education drive on the value of plastic food delivery trays to avoid them ending up in landfill or being recycled before the end of their useful life. 
Millions of bread baskets and other food delivery equipment go missing every year, highlighting a serious environmental issue that requires urgent government attention.

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About Us

Bakers Basco Ltd provides the UK bakery industry and major retailers across the country with a cost-effective and environmentally-friendly solution to an age-old problem – getting fresh bread from the bakery ovens to the nation’s shops, so the British public can continue to enjoy their toast, sandwiches, bread and butter.

Our pool of four million sturdy, reusable and recyclable baskets have been custom designed to provide high levels of protection for loaves and other baked goods on the journey from the bakery to the end customer.

They can be stacked up to ten baskets high, and then easily moved around on one of our 500,000 heavy-duty wheeled dollies.

The baskets can be wheeled from delivery trucks and into shop storage areas, from where they can be easily deployed to the bread aisles. The basket conveniently doubles as a display unit, which significantly reduces the time retail staff take to refresh their displays.

The open design of the basket means products are easily visible to consumers, and they can pick products with ease.