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Using our loaf to help save the environment

Bakers Basco is proud to play our part in the UK’s Circular Economy, and contribute to reducing global warming and related environmental damage through responsible use of recyclable materials.

The message is simple: Retain, Reduce, Recover, Reuse, Recycle.

Within the logistics industry, our baskets are categorised as ‘Reusable Transit Packaging’ – packaging which is designed to protect goods in transit, and which is meant to be reused, again and again, not thrown away after one trip.

They are made of plastic: but plastic, used and managed properly and responsibly, should help society become more sustainable. Plastic, in itself, isn’t the problem – it is how society has become reliant on single use consumer packaging that’s the major contributor to environmental problems.

Our Omega baskets are made from sturdy polypropylene, which is meant to be reusable for many years. On average, when used responsibly, our baskets and dollies should last for around eight years.

But running a sustainable RTP circular system means much more than clever product design and hard-wearing materials.

There is a whole ecosystem behind the success of our equipment.

It’s not just the fact that our baskets and dollies are made of recyclable plastic and will be used for up to eight years that reduces the impact on the environment. Our products are very carefully designed and manufactured so they make the most efficient use of space possible in storage and in transit.

The more baskets we can get onto a delivery vehicle, the fewer vehicles you’ll see on the UK’s busy roads. That saves on fuel and reduces the impact on the road network, as well as cutting exhaust emissions.

Reducing Shrinkage

Before we launched Bakers Basco, the UK’s bakeries used a multitude of different and incompatible bread basket designs. They also suffered massively from equipment failure, misuse and theft.

It’s estimated that some bakeries expected to lose as many as 50% of their bread baskets across the course of a year. That represented a huge cost and inconvenience for bakers, retailers and, at the end of the day, the bread buying public.

Some of these missing baskets were just being used for purposes they simple weren’t designed for, while many of them were then ending up fly-tipped or in landfill. Others were being stolen and recycled for the value of the raw plastic.

Bakers Basco have a national recovery team dedicated to the recovery of all our equipment in the hands of non-authorised parties.

Since launch in 2006, Bakers Basco has worked tirelessly to reduce the number of bread baskets going missing. We have now cut ‘shrinkage’ significantly, through a sensible, but where necessary robust, approach to policing where our products are, responding to incidences of misuse or theft, and, in the most extreme cases, taking appropriate legal action. Click the following link to read the Judges comments from previous legal cases.