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Protecting our equipment

We now deploy the latest GPS technologies to keep our equipment safe. We have worked closely with a range of technology partners to develop a range of high-tech solutions to identify and track our products.

We have been putting GPS trackers into our equipment for some years now, and continue to improve the devices in order to deliver greater reliability, longer range and increased battery life. We have successfully used evidence collected from GPS trackers in court. Judges have been particularly impressed with our ability to show satellite maps illustrating the unauthorised journeys some of our baskets have been taken on!

Trackers are contributing to our understanding of logistics inefficiencies as well as reduced shrinkage. We are now able to monitor the efficiencies of both deliveries and collections, allowing us to advise our members on potential bottlenecks and missed collections, thus providing a speedier return for equipment.


Bakers Basco licensees can be comfortable in the knowledge that equipment is being monitored through physical checks, manual recovery and now satellite tracking. Every piece of equipment is an asset to be protected.