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Interested in joining?

In terms of an application to join the scheme the lead time is generally around 6 weeks , the following criteria will also need to be met:-

  • Bakers are required to purchase a licence to use our equipment – this is a one-off payment, which covers the expense of producing the requested amounts. A turn rate of 1.2 is applied to the anticipated requirements (i.e1000 despatched baskets per week would require a licence of 833 baskets plus dollies) * Latest Licence rates available on request
  • Only Basco licence holders are allowed to use our equipment. No use of Basco equipment is permitted without a licence. All such usage is classed as abuse and dealt with by our recovery division.
  • 2 satisfactory Credit references required.
  • Ability to transfer data relating to delivered and collected volumes each week via electronic transfer required.
  • Ability to undertake a weekly stockcount each Saturday – to be supplied via email no later than the following Monday at 2pm.
  • Members are only allowed to use equipment to customers agreed with/ authorised by Bakers Basco. Any usage outside of agreed locations would be treated as abuse, Bakers Basco reserve the right to withdraw licensees based on non-compliance with its terms and conditions.
  • Agreement to permit regular audit visits by Bakers Basco is required.
  • No recent history of abuse of our and our members equipment in the previous 6 months
  • Site must have a means to wash our equipment. A site inspection will be required before agreeing licence.
  • Ability to pay all invoices via BACS transfer.
  • No naked produce is permitted in Omega equipment – only wrapped product.
  • A usage charge is applied to every basket used each week which is then invoiced each period. *Latest rates available on request
  • An annual administration fee is payable per year. *Latest rates available on request
  • All your customers who receive product in Omega baskets must sign a Third-Party compliance document – copy available on our Website.
  • Basco reserve the right to refuse any licence request based on the customer locations and associated risk of loss.

Must have the ability to collect from any location that you are supplying.

Should you wish to commence with an application to the Bakers Basco scheme initial enquiries should be made via enquiries@bakersbasco.co.uk