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Company History

Bakers Basco Limited was set up in 2006 as a joint venture by five of the UK’s biggest bakeries: Allied Bakeries, Hovis, Fine Lady Bakeries, Frank Roberts & Sons and Warburtons.


Becoming the industry standard

The company’s original mission was to design, source and manage a new bread basket which would in time become the accepted industry standard, allowing for significant cost savings in terms of the design, raw material procurement and production of both the basket and dolly.

In the past 13 years, the membership of the Bakers Basco scheme has increased from the original five shareholders to cover twenty-four UK plant bakeries, ranging in size from small to the country’s biggest.

All of them share the benefits of being members of Bakers Basco scheme, knowing they can rely on us to make sure they have the bread baskets they need keeping the UK supplied in some of our favourite baked goods.

Bakers Basco offers the same services, products and charging mechanisms to all members of the scheme, bakeries based in the UK interested in joining the scheme should refer to our “interested in joining section” which details both the process and requirements involved.

Please note our products are designed solely to carry wrapped bread products, so our members must commit to not allowing them to be used for any other purposes, such as carrying unwrapped bread products, raw meat, fish or other items which could contaminate the baskets.

The Omega Basket

The Bakers Basco basket also known as the Omega basket was designed with a one stop merchandising solution in mind.

DWi Basket-007
DWi Basket-009
DWi Basket-010


We have worked closely with some of the best product design experts, plastic material specialists and logistics experts to create a bread basket fit for purpose.

Omega baskets hold 10 standard loaves and a varying number of morning goods, delivery drivers can either wheel or carry baskets from delivery vehicles depending on order size. The merchandising design allows larger stores to save valuable shelf-stacking time and to display product which can be chosen by consumers easily and quickly.

Further cost savings were achieved by making sure the baskets and dollies were both designed to be modular and easily stackable, reducing space in trucks and vans, as well as in warehouses, wholesalers and retail outlet storage areas.

Our equipment is made from heavy duty polypropylene, which can take the sort of punishment our baskets are likely to encounter over their projected lifetime, including high-pressure washing, freezing and the challenges of being left outside in all kinds of conditions.

The ultimate aim is to make the Bakers Basco Omega basket the standard means of delivering bread to retailers and wholesalers for the entire industry. Currently, over 13 million products per week are delivered using our equipment.