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 Bakers Basco is proud to play our part in the UK’s ‘Circular Economy’

Bakers Basco is proud to play our part in the UK’s ‘Circular Economy’

“Bakers Basco is proud to play our part in the UK’s ‘Circular Economy’, and contribute to reducing global warming and related environmental damage through responsible use of recyclable materials – known in our corner of the industry as ‘returnable transit packaging’. 

However, during these unprecedented times, where the coronavirus pandemic is having a profound impact on industry sectors across the world, many household waste and recycling centre locations have temporarily halted the collection of some or all recyclable materials, which could eventually lead to blockages and a build-up of equipment in the supply chain – this may well leave equipment exposed for longer periods of time increasing the chances of theft or misappropriation including our Omega equipment, which are designed to last for up to eight years before being recycled and put back into the supply chain to be reused again and again. 

This, in turn, presents a fresh challenge for our business. It is estimated that some bakeries are expected to lose as many as 50% of their bread baskets across the course of the year, with missing baskets being used for purposes they simply weren’t designed for, with many ending up fly-tipped or in landfill, and others being stolen and recycled for the value of the raw plastic. It is important now more than ever to be vigilant of those who might take advantage of this situation by withholding or storing stolen equipment, as this could have a significant impact on the supply of essential bread and associated products to supermarkets during the COVID-19 lockdown.” 


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