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 Coronavirus: Bread supply threatened by basket issue

Coronavirus: Bread supply threatened by basket issue

An urgent appeal for the return of bread baskets has been launched to ensure the continued supply of bread and bakery products to stores during the coronavirus pandemic.

Equipment manufacturer Bakers Basco says the bakery industry is at risk of demand outstripping supply, so it is “more important than ever” to ensure that bakers have access to the equipment they need to “maintain the regular supply and delivery of bakery products”.

Bakers Basco has put an additional £1m worth of equipment into the system, but says if existing stock is not returned, bakers soon won’t be able to get their bread to the shop shelves if equipment continually needs to be replaced.

The company said: “Bakers are doing a tremendous job despite dealing in such difficult circumstances, which includes unexpected staff and driver shortages. It is paramount that we get this kit back into the system to ensure that we don’t face a shortage of products if we don’t have the correct equipment to move it in.”

Joe Street, chairman of Bakers Basco, added: “We are issuing an urgent plea to everyone across the nation to be vigilant and report any bread baskets and dollies. Demand for bread is higher and we need these trays in order to keep the supply of bread going.”

Originally posted Talking Retail 16 April 2020

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