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 Evidence gathered via GPS

Evidence gathered via GPS

Bakers Basco has been increasing the use of GPS tracking chips in its equipment over the past three years.

During a hearing in Birmingham County Court on May 24th 2019, Bakers Basco presented evidence collected on five separate occasions where a quantity of its equipment was taken without permission, the journey each batch took, and when they arrived at the Defendant’s premises.

The Defendant’s sole director Mr Mandeep Gill attended Court, but chose not to offer up evidence on the company’s behalf. Mr Gill agreed to enter into an order making various promises to the Court agreeing not to take possession of Bakers Basco or its membership’s equipment and allowing Bakers Basco operatives access to his business premises from time to time without prior warning, to confirm that the terms of the court undertaking are being maintained. The defendants were also ordered to pay £7,500 damages and costs to Bakers Basco.

Separately, following the visit to Capital Waste Management, Bakers Basco’s recovery team was alerted to the discovery by police of more of its baskets in the defendant’s possession in the course of a separate investigation, and recovered them. These baskets did not contain any GPS devices.

Originally posted Handling and Storage Solutions, June 2019

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