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During this unpredictable and unprecedented time, at Bakers Basco we are doing our best to play our part in keeping the nation’s bakery products on the move. We know that our member bakers are seeing a spike in demand far in excess than previously seen, even during the Christmas peak. Of course, known peaks are prepared for well in advance, whereas during a crisis, many parts of the supply chain are affected in multiple ways. We know bakeries have indicated they have enough ingredients and that a reduction in product range maybe implemented in order to keep up with the extreme demand, these things will continue to reassure the public at this troubling time.  We’d like to reassure all Bakers Basco licensees who are currently seeing a spike in bread sales that they have the added protection of calling on equipment stored by Bakers Basco for such an event. 

However, we cannot stress enough at this time the importance of daily collections of empty equipment and welcome all reports of any build-up or known abuse of our kit.


We’ve already supplied additional baskets and dollies in support of the pool, and all Basco teams are out identifying areas where excess equipment is ready for collection and re-use, thus improving efficiency, cutting down on fuel use and turnaround times. Our dedicated helpline is open to our members seven days a week to help with stock requests.

We hope our friends and colleagues in the industry are keeping safe and well – if we can help you to keep your business moving at this time, please get in touch via the dedicated support helpline.

Bakers Basco Ltd provides the UK bakery industry and major retailers across the country with a cost-effective and environmentally-friendly solution to an age-old problem – getting fresh bread from the bakery ovens to the nation’s shops, so the British public can continue to enjoy its toast, sandwiches and bread and butter.

The company’s pool of four million sturdy, reusable and recyclable baskets have been custom designed to provide high levels of protection for loaves and other baked goods on the journey from the bakery to the end customer.

They can be stacked up to ten baskets high, and then easily moved around on one of the company’s 500,000 heavy-duty wheeled dollies.

The baskets can be wheeled from delivery trucks and into shop storage areas, from where they can be easily deployed to the bread aisles. The basket conveniently doubles as a display unit, which significantly reduces the time retail staff take to refresh their displays.

The open design of the basket means products are easily visible to consumers, and they can pick products with ease.